At this point it's pretty clear that Pope Francis is not your average pope. He recently joined Instagram, invited Leo DiCaprio to hang out with him at the Vatican, and released his very own rock album. For such a holy man, Pope Francis has a fair amount of sass up his sleeve: he recently said that anyone who thought his meeting with Bernie Sanders on Saturday morning had anything to do with politics should seek professional medical help, particularly from a psychiatrist. 

Pope Francis and Sanders briefly met at the Vatican guest house on Saturday after Sanders spoke about social justice at a Vatican conference. Talking to reporters about their meet and greet, the Pope said he was merely being polite by greeting Sanders and shaking his hand, Business Insider reports

The leader of the Catholic church had a pretty profound effect on the Democratic presidential frontrunner in the short time they met. "I am not a Catholic, but there is a radiance that comes from him," Sanders said.

Sanders may have felt briefly refreshed, but Pope Francis thinks it's hilarious that this could have been misconstrued as a political rendezvous. "If anyone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics, I recommend that he look for a psychiatrist," he laughed.

If you previously held the belief that this was at all political, you just got roasted by one of the holiest people alive.