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New York City's Times Square performers could be counting their last days thanks to a new bill that's passed restricting them to certain areas. Performers might argue the bill could do more harm than good, but the record’s against them. Times Square's costumed characters' past brushes with the law include: a Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty brawl, Cookie Monster’s inappropriate interaction with a teenage girl, and Winnie the Pooh stabbing someone.   

People can't say they didn't see this coming given how much attention these Times Square performers were paid last year. Those performers included the Times Square painted ladies, or "desnudas", almost naked women sporting body paint (women are legally allowed to be topless in New York City), who were targeted by Mayor Bill de Blasio as he tried to oust them. 

Gawker reports the bill will limit performers to eight "activity zones" in and around Times Square pedestrian plazas as proposed by The Department of Transportation.

At a hearing for the law last Wednesday Times Square performers complained the law would not only negatively effect their business—costumed characters take photos with people for tips—but also be in violation of the First Amendment.  

Gawker reports should Mayor de Blasio make the bill a law, which he might since he's been supportive of it before, it will go into effect this summer.