A mattress company in Spain is offering a new way to discover whether your partner is cheating. 

Durmet announced its new cheating alert system, the "Smarttress." The wired mattress will ping your phone if it's ever being used when you're not there. "If your partner isn't faithful, at least your mattress is," the company promises. 

In the world's most dramatic mattress advertisement, Durmet offers peace of mind thanks to its "lover detection system." The commercial states, "If anybody uses your bed in a suspicious way, Smarttress will warn you." 

By combining vibration sensors in the mattress' springs with a contact-zones detector, the mattress can send specific information directly to your smartphone. This includes a speedometer, an intensity and impact reading, and pressure-point data, giving you a detailed description of what exactly takes place between the sheets when you're not around. 

It's unclear how the mattress responds to activities not related to infidelity that might set off the censor, like children jumping on the bed.

The mattress is meant to combat the "Global Infidelity Crisis," brought on by cheating sites like Ashley Madison and other easy ways to meet people online.

According to a 2015 study that examined data from The Richest and Match.com, 39 percent of people in Spain cheat. That earned the country eighth place on the top 10 countries by infidelity list. (Interestingly, the U.S. did not place.)  

If this all seems like the world's biggest joke, it's not. The company confirmed to NTRSCTN that Smarttress is indeed a real product intended to detect cheating. 

At least with a Smarttress, if your partner cheats, it won't be at home. 

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