These days Donald Trump takes up most of our attention when it comes to politicians spewing hatred, but the Republican frontrunner has been edged out of the racist spotlight for a hot second by Maine's governor Paul LePage. On the topic of foreign workers, LePage said that Indian workers are the "hardest" and "the worst ones" to understand. 

LePage probably sensed that his comments were totally inappropriate because he attempted to clarify them, although that just added salt to the wound. He said Indians are "lovely people but you’ve got to have an interpreter,” according to Gawker. 

Sadly this isn't the first time LePage has said something blatantly racist. Back in January, while discussing Maine's heroin problem, LePage blamed dealers with names like "D-Money" and "Shifty," who come to Maine to sell drugs and impregnate "young, white" women during their time spent in his state. To make matters worse, he did a terrible job at apologizing, blaming it on the journalists who quoted him for taking his comments out of context. "If I was perfect, I would be a reporter. If you want to make it racist, go ahead and do what you want," he said. 

LePage will probably issue a formal apology about his most recent comments directed toward Indians, although history dictates that it won't rectify the situation. Maybe LePage is the one who needs a translator to filter his racist comments before he says them out loud—or he could just stop saying terrible things.