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Even in a city known for wild police chases and fun-loving getaway drivers, the epic police pursuit involving doughnuts, a convertible with the top down in the rain, and a TMZ tour bus, which captivated the city of Los Angeles for several hours on Thursday, will probably stand as one of the all-time wildest (with the extra bonus of a peaceful ending).

Now we're beginning to learn a little more about the doughnut-spinning man behind the wheel of that Mustang convertible, via the Los Angeles Times, which reports that 20-year-old Herschel Reynolds actually picked up some of his driving skills when he was trained as a "tactical vehicle driver for the U.S. military. Reynolds, the Pentagon confirmed to the newspaper, was a private in the Marines for two years during which time he was assigned as a motor vehicle operator at Camp Pendleton, the Marine base in San Diego.

That is, until he was pushed out of the service.

"Reynold's premature discharge and rank are indicative of the fact that the character of his service was incongruent with Marine Corps' expectations and standards," the Pentagon said.

Maybe the Marines frown upon people doing doughnuts in their Humvees?

Reynolds and his passenger, Isaiah Young, were arrested peacefully after driving to the South Los Angeles neighborhood where they live and waiting for authorities. After parking, they took selfies with onlookers, gave out hugs, slapped some high fives, and placed their hands behind their back waiting to be handcuffed when sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene.

At least they gave the people of L.A. something to cheer about during lunch time.