Rapper Killer Mike got into a Twitter argument with Black Lives Matter activist Marissa Janae Johnson over a protest video used to promote Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders.

The video shows Johnson speaking at a Sanders rally. Killer Mike claimed that Sanders' willingness to let her protest and speak on stage proves he cares about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Killer Mike also referenced the video in a speech last month, saying Sanders is the only candidate who would "listen to two black girls." The speech spawned a meme used by Sanders supporters to demonstrate his solidarity with the black community. 

In a March interview with online broadcast network This Week in Blackness, Johnson called Killer Mike's version of the rally a "revisionist history" created to prop up Sanders. She also took issue with Killer Mike's use of the word "girls" to describe the protesters, saying, “People are calling us b*tches, c*nts, and whores, and now we’re little black girls.”

At the time, Killer Mike didn't respond to Johnson's criticism. But on Wednesday, he engaged with her for the first time after a Twitter user known as Sir Charles called him out for using the video without consulting Johnson:

@The_Kings_Hand @Bob_Loblaw420 @rissaoftheway no need to "ask" I know what I saw. I do donate to her #TWIBNation & I support Sanders Policy

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) April 6, 2016

Johnson clapped back at Killer Mike for using her act of protest for Sanders' gain, and for ignoring her initial criticism while engaging in the conversation with men on Twitter.

The rapper eventually replied to her directly. 

@rissaoftheway may I ask u. Did u only make that public statement for your self? I'm sorry if I interpreted it as an act for "blacks"

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) April 7, 2016

Johnson and her supporters continued, telling Killer Mike he presented himself as the authority on her experience.

It was for BLACK RESISTANCE, not a stump speech for a wack white man...u foul and coon for this @KillerMike https://t.co/TgSi91UEh8

— Marissa J. Johnson (@rissaoftheway) April 7, 2016

Yet u used it in a room full of white ppl to cape for a powerful white man 😂😂😂 #thisiswhatgaslightinglookslike https://t.co/TgSi91UEh8

— Marissa J. Johnson (@rissaoftheway) April 7, 2016

Killer Mike eventually left the conversation, which some saw as an indictment of sexism, since he engaged with men before Johnson spoke up.

@rissaoftheway sorry but I can't "argue" and or make u see my way. I can say I do support u and I Saw sanders listen. Hope you prevail.

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) April 7, 2016

No interest in speaking to you. Just in speaking for you. @rissaoftheway @KillerMike https://t.co/xX0hvvVjp7

— Rimonima (@rimonima) April 7, 2016

Killer Mike did what a lot of black men do when it comes to BW and its frigging tiring .

— OriginalRudeGyal (@Blackamazon) April 7, 2016

Johnson told NTRSCTN in a statement that she agreed to meet with Killer Mike but found the meeting difficult to confirm. "I'm very doubtful it will happen since I first extended that invitation to him a month ago before any Twitter exchange and he ignored me,” she said.

UPDATED 2:40 p.m. ET: This story was updated to include comment from Johnson.