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A new Guinness world record, which, in greatness, ranks somewhere between the world's longest burp and this chill bulldog that skateboarded through the world's longest human tunnel, has been set for the longest human dominoes mattress chain. Ok, sure. 

At a national meeting for managers from Aaron's (you know, the stores that let you rent-to-own a TV, or a mattress, or a dryer) 1,200 Aaron's associates lined up on mattresses to form the largest human dominoes chain ever.

Hey, we've all been asked by our bosses to do things we didn't want to do, such as staying late after work, partnering with an annoying co-worker on a project, or holding on to a twin mattress while the CEO of the company knocks you over like a lifeless object, right? (The guy at 0:25 was definitely shaking his head like, "WTF am I doing here?")

Although the video is under two minutes long, the entire 1,200 human dominoes actually took more than 13 minutes to fall down, Aaron's said in a news release. We'll be on the lookout for the unedited director's cut to drop sometime soon.