"So this is it."

My boyfriend Ben and I stood up from a cramped concrete ledge, where we were sitting in the airport's parking lot, and walked through the glass doors towards security. As I cried at the gates, he hugged and kissed me goodbye, before walking away.

Then I flew to my new home in New York, while Ben returned to his flat in London. The separation was brutal. 

After two years together, how was I going to cope with not seeing him for the next while? Surely, Ben would jump over security barriers, and offer a ring on the tip of his outstretched finger, as he begged me not to leave. But I knew that wouldn’t happen because unlike most Hollywood films, it was my choice to move.

Within three months, I got a job working at a national newspaper, made friends, and had new experiences—yet through it all, our relationship stayed strong. 

Many people have told me that they couldn't possibly live without their significant other, but you just might surprise yourself. Here are five tips for maintaining a long-distance love connection: