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For those of you who haven’t gotten around to doing that one thing, Google is here to help you out. The tech giant is releasing an app that will force you to complete your goals by finding extra time in your schedule. You could say it’s like a personal life coach but without the motivational speeches.

The company is preparing to launch an app called "Goals," which will automatically set aside time in your packed calendar for that nagging thing you’ve been meaning to finish or a life goal you’re trying to accomplish.

According to Time, the way it works is pretty simple: It uses machine learning to get to know you on a deeper level, understanding your preferences and deciding when to insert time for that goal without you having to interfere. All you have to do is tell Google Calendar what you want to get done and how much time you’d like to put aside for it, and the app will do the rest. If you’ve ever seen the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House or James Cameron’s Terminator saga, you know exactly how this ends.

But until then, you can  enjoy technology that will even move said goals if you have another appoint at the same time. So if you planned on reading Finnegans Wake on Monday but then decided to join a soccer league which practices at the same time, Skynet Google Calendar will just bump that reading session to another slot. And if you end up canceling things in the evening, the app will learn not to schedule things at that time.

This game changer might help you become more productive, but it could also be the start of the end of human civilization. Well, if you believe what the movies say.