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Sleeping on the job might get a slap on the wrist for some, but it landed one worker in police custody. Authorities were called after woke up from a deep slumber and realized he’d stowed away on a flight.

According to KCBD, a Memphis FedEx airport ground crew member was loading cargo onto the FedEx Flight 1459 when he fell soundly asleep around 5 a.m., before the plane took off. He had been working two jobs and became extremely exhausted, Time reports. After waking up and realizing he was in the air, the unnamed worker knocked on the cabin to alert the pilot. For safety reasons, the pilot refused to open the door until the plane had landed.

After air traffic control and police were alerted, and the plane landed safely on the ground, the FedEx employee was taken into custody.  He was released shortly after and is not expected to face any criminal charges. On Friday, FedEx officials released a statement on the incident.

"We are aware of an incident involving FedEx Flight 1459 from Memphis to Lubbock. There was never any danger to our employees or cargo. We are fully cooperating with investigating authorities."