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There are few things as grueling as being stuck on a flight (of any length) with an obnoxiously drunk passenger prone to hurling insults at anyone who dares get in the way of their continued drunkenness. The guy in the clip above, however, decided to try his absolute hardest at out-obnoxiousing even the most obnoxious of drunken passenger stories. His secret weapon? Insufferable brags.

"I'm 28, I make $4 million a year," the man, who identifies himself as David Bracket, is heard telling the JetBlue plane full of annoyed passengers en route to Sacramento. "What do you do?" As the passengers continue to make their general disapproval of his behavior quite apparent, Brackett defends himself by bragging of his "six houses" and "176 IQ."

Bracket, whose other attempts at charming the world last Friday included making fun of a bald guy and threatening to sue his fellow passengers, was ultimately thrown off the JetBlue flight. Two other men were also removed from the plane, according to the Daily Mail. The chronic bragger, the Mail claims, is "believed to be" the vice president of California real estate company Homeland Financial Network.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, a JetBlue spokesperson confirmed the incident but remained short on details:

On April 8, Flight 266 from Long Beach to Sacramento returned to the gate shortly before departure following a report of disruptive customers in the cabin. The aircraft was met by local authorities where the customers were removed before the flight continued on to Sacramento.

As this video makes strikingly clear, perhaps it's time to consider a new in-flight rule for all (JetBlue or otherwise) flights: No bragging, lames.