GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has said many things during this election cycle that one would think would have caused a backlash, like joking about shooting a person and still getting votes or constantly retweeting Nazi-related tweets. But Death and Taxes reports that Thursday on the Today show Trump might've said the most outrageous thing yet (outrageous to his followers, that is): trans people should use whichever bathroom they think is "appropriate."

Let's take a minute for us to wrap our election-weary heads around that. Does this mean Trump isn't really a republican? Does this prove the conspiracy theory that he's been faking his conservative views just to get elected before laying the democratic smackdown in the White House?

Well, he did have nice things to say about Planned Parenthood on more than one occasion, shocking basically everyone and one Samantha Bee. In the South Carolina GOP debate Trump said Planned Parenthood does good things for women, except abortion. He repeated these feelings in a Texas debate less than two weeks later. And last fall old footage of Trump saying liberal things, including that he was pro-choice and in favor of universal healthcare, was brought to light by then opponent Jeb! Bush.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions here's what Trump had to say on the Today show. During a town hall a viewer submitted a question asking about how he'd be inclusive of LGBTQ people and asked him about the North Carolina bill that, as Death and Taxes reports, that prevents trans people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

So, no. Trump has not put on his democrat hat, but instead his business man hat. Although, as Death and Taxes points out, he does mention how there’s been no trouble prior to the law— despite all of the fear mongering about grown men taking advantage of the right to use whichever bathroom according to gender identity in order to prowl on little girls.

Trump also said that making a new bathroom for transgender people would not be a solution because it'd be "discriminatory" and "unbelievably expensive."

Even more surprising than the comments? The fact he hasn't retracted them, yet.