Donald Trump, certainly no stranger to tweeting some of the most demonstrably stupid statements of all time, was back at it on Monday with the almost unexplainable clip above. The video, a fan-made campaign ad, takes the form of what might best be described as a video game trailer mixed with a Scott Baio wet dream. For reasons not entirely clear, the ad also uses ripped audio from Martin Sheen's Mass Effect 2 narration to propose the seemingly dystopian idea that a Donald Trump presidency is a good idea for everyone.

"No one wants to admit it but humanity is under attack," Sheen's voice is heard during the confounding display of video editing skills. "One very specific man might be all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence." Sheen, of course, was not referring to the supposed benefits of a Trump presidency when recording those narrative bits. Though the video didn't gain traction until Trump shared it on Twitter, CNN reports it originally showed up last week on Vidme under the predictable username "trumpeffect."

Previously on Trump's storied Twitter account, his followers have been gifted with things like baffling Nazi imagery and ill-timed brags of being "right" about terrorism just hours after the tragic attacks in Brussels. Most recently, Trump has received backlash for retweeting an offensive photo of his rival Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi. However, as previously reported (and likely noticed by you and everyone you know), the real question remains: Is Donald Trump's campaign creating spam accounts to support him on Twitter?