Journalists with a passion for marijuana, we may have found your dream job. The Cannabist, a niche website launched by the Denver Post, is looking for a journalist to write stories for both the print paper and website.

According to Time, the job listing was posted on Monday. The weed-friendly publication will feature news on the legalization struggles throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as features on growing and selling, "pot-rooted recipes," "gear reviews" and more. Strong candidates will need to be great at making charts and graphs in addition to possessing enthusiasm for the subject matter.

There’s just one more thingyou need to be able to pass a drug test.

While cannabis might be legal in the state, it’s still considered a controlled substance under federal law. So, just like not being able to drink on the job, you also can’t partake in the thing you’re writing about. Bummer.

If that rule is way too harsh, you might wanna hit up Whoopi Goldberg. She just launched a medical marijuana company and, although there are no details on company policy, we’re sure lighting up won’t be an issue.