Humans should have learned this by now, but not all animals can or should be tamed. Take this angry zoo gorilla who refused to let some dude take a selfie with him, or the friendly alligator who just wanted to chill with some cool kids after class. These four-legged creatures have a mind of their own and don’t care for your silly human rules.

Such was the case with a fun-loving chihuahua who somehow found his way onto the Bay Bridge in California. Police stumbled across the furry pet, who was making his way from Oakland toward San Francisco. As authorities tried to capture him, he sped offthus kick starting a wildly funny chase, USA Today reports. Part of the bridge was shut down as officers tailed the dog on motorcycle and in a patrol car.

He was finally caught by police, who then carted him to a shelter in San Francisco. He is said to be fine and was wearing a tag decorated with skulls upon arrival. Metal.

Highway Patrol has not yet figured out who the dog belongs to and is asking for your help to find his family. For now, staff members have nicknamed him Poncho after the character played by Erik Estrada in the '70s TV series, CHiPs.