Forget about his face. There’s another reason to swoon over Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. The liberal politician, who employs an equal number of men and women in his cabinet, is coming through on his election promise to legalize recreational marijuana. Canada will soon introduce legislation that will decriminalize non-medical use of the substance in addition to regulating who it’s available to. This comes after the country made it legal for medical marijuana patients to grow their own supply.

According to health minister Jane Philpott, the bill goes into effect in Spring 2017, the Guardian reports. For those concerned about weed getting into the wrong hands, she says the law will make sure it’s out of reach for children and that criminals won’t be able to make a profit from selling. Well, only if they’re going about it through the proper, legal channels.

"We will work with law enforcement partners to encourage appropriate and proportionate criminal justice measures," she said. "We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem."

Just because it’s decriminalized doesn’t mean it's legal. Per the Guardian, former Toronto police chief Bill Blair points out that that current laws are still in effect, meaning recreational weed use is still illegal.