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Bernie Sanders made his fourth appearance on Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show on Wednesday, setting aside a nice chunk of time for some proper Ted Cruz and Donald Trump blasting. Sanders took specific issue with Cruz's ridiculous "New York values" insult, a concept the Democratic presidential candidate argues Trump and the rest of the GOP establishment will simply never understand.

"It's me, Bernie Brooklyn-born Sanders," Sanders told Wilmore's audience. "Guess what, Ted Cruz? I have New York values." As noted by Sanders, these values are indeed something to brag about. "I value a living wage for all Americans," Hillary Clinton's rival said. "I value a justice system that treats everyone fairly, I value a government that works for all of us, not just Wall Street and powerful special interests. Those are New York values."

As for Trump, Sanders held nothing back when breaking down exactly why it would be virtually impossible for the GOP instigator to represent anything even vaguely reminiscent of these values. "You wouldn't know New York values if they were in 50-foot gold letters on the side of the Empire State Building," Sanders insisted. "New York values are the Statue of Liberty, not a wall between the United States and Mexico." To really drive home the point, Sanders suggested we remove "New York" from the equation altogether, as these so-called "New York values" are in fact the most important values of America. "There is no difference."