Everyday heroes fighting off robbers never gets old. We've seen cashiers use every tool you can think of from their bare hands, a scalding coffee cup of coffee, and in one incredible instance, a sword. But this 11-year-old from Alabama who shot a burglar may go down as one of the most memorable heroes to bravely face-off against a criminal, as Esquire reports.


According to Esquire, the 11-year-old far cooler than I was at that age was Chris Gaither. In an interview with Alabama's WVTM Gaither said he was alone in his Talladega home Wednesday morning when he heard an intruder in his house. Gaither, being the nice guy he is, said he warned the intruder that he was going to "kill him" with a gun if he didn't leave.

The burglar paid no mind and so Gaither reportedly grabbed a nine-millimeter handgun and shot him as he was making a run out of the front door missing 11 times reports Esquire. A bullet hit the burglar on the last shot.

"It went straight through the back of him, in his leg. And he started crying like a little baby," Gaither told the news mocking the burglar. Should've known the kid was a savage, just look at his "Not On My Level" t-shirt.

Gaither also explained in his interview that playing zombies for "target practice" probably aided him in this situation. Raw Story reports Gaither also said his step-dad had also been giving him shooting lessons. 

He had a message for the burglar: "I hope you learned your lesson for comin' to this house trying to steal stuff." And his message to everyone watching? "Be brave and you’ll be okay," Gaither said reports Raw Story.