A clip of a live news report from Danish TV is collectively freaking everyone the hell out, with one mysterious woman in the background seemingly vanishing in the middle of the interview. As a man is talking with TV2 reporters at a regional airport’s baggage claim, the woman in the background is seen briefly before seemingly disappearing into the vast expanse of nothingness that ultimately engulfs us all.


For those not into simply watching the video for themselves, the alleged disappearing act looks something like this:

The clip, first posted to Reddit before making its way to the Huffington Post, is certainly worthy of a quick viral freakout. However, after watching the bizarre clip with a skeptic's eye, the truth reveals itself. The would-be vanisher actually just inadvertently timed her exit with that of another woman seen pushing a cart through the airport. Small traces of the mystery woman's hair and body can be seen, should one care to zoom all the way in:

As for that aforementioned expanse of nothingness that inevitably engulfs us all, Stephen Hawking recently attempted to boost society's collective spirit by announcing everything will only be awful for another 100 years or so. Shouldn't be too bad.