It's hard to remember what life was like before Uber. While there has been a bevy of documented violence related to the ride-hail company, it has done plenty of useful things for society, like help decrease DUIs by 10 percent in Seattle. The taxi service also gifted us with an amazing twerking video and the exciting news that it plans to expand into helicopter territory. Now Uber wants to pay you $10,000 to hack into its app, The Verge reports

The company is looking for a few experienced hackers to scour the app's code for any weaknesses that could potentially reveal personal information about drivers and riders. In May the company will pay "security researchers" for each bug they uncover in the app's code.

There are three levels of bugs the app's developers are looking to exterminate. "Medium" bugs will pay hackers $3,000, "significant" bugs pay $5,000, and "critical" bugs will net hackers a staggering $10,000. Uber has decided to go through with the official hackathon after a private "beta" one held last year exposed over 100 bugs in the system.

There have been a few major security breaches in Uber's history—like the time a Florida Uber driver's tax info was inexplicably released to thousands of other drivers—so increased security couldn't hurt. The hackers who put their skills to good use will not only ensure better security on the app, but they also might make a lot of money in the process.