UPDATE: Bernie Sanders has won the Kansas and Nebraska Democratic caucuses, while Hillary Clinton has come out victorious in the Louisiana primary, according to multiple news sources and the campaigns.

The Kansas Democratic Party made the announcement there, but had yet to release the vote count as of this writing. In Nebraska, NBC News reported that with 61 percent of the vote in, Sanders was the projected winner with 55 percent of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton's 45 percent.

In Louisiana, Clinton had 71 percent of the vote to Sanders' 21 percent when she was projected the winner.

Earlier in the day, Politico wrote that this could be a bounce-back weekend for Sanders after he didn't fare so well on Super Tuesday, but still would probably not perform well in Louisiana where approximately half the vote would come from African Americans.

On the GOP side of the Super Saturday results, Ted Cruz has won the GOP caucuses in Maine with 46 percent, followed by Donald Trump with 33 percent and John Kasich with 12 percent. Cruz also won Kansas earlier in the day. Trump is the projected winner in Kentucky and Louisiana. In the latter state he received 48 percent of the vote, with Cruz and Marco Rubio pulling in around 20 percent each.

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It's been quite a week caucus-wise. On Tuesday voters in Alabama (R&D), Alaska (R), American Samoa (D), Arkansas (R&D), Colorado (D), Georgia (R&D), Massachusetts (R&D), Minnesota (R&D), Oklahoma (R&D), Tennessee (R&D), Texas (R&D), Vermont (R&D), and Virginia (R&D) participated in either primaries or caucuses, and today voters in Kansas did the same. Donald Trump came out strong on Tuesday, winning the majority in seven states, but this evening Ted Cruz managed to wrest the lead from him in Kansas.

The final results from Politico show that Cruz won 51.2 percent of the vote in Kansas, finishing strong with 17 delegates. Trump finished second with 24.1 percent and six delegates, and Marco Rubio finished third with 14.4 percent (although he failed to win any delegates). John Kasich finished last, with 8.9 percent, and a few confused souls must've voted for Ben Carson, who finished with 0.8 percent despite dropping out of the race.