Sex allows us to express desires that are difficult to name or even put into words—so sometimes, what gets us off isn't always politically correct.

Columnist Dan Savage has long been a proponent of being GGG—that is, "good, giving, and game”—the last of which means you should be down to explore your partner's desires, and try to fulfill their fantasies. But what if your partner’s request enters offensive, or even racist, territory?

It's interesting to consider where these urges come from. Pornography undoubtedly plays into such racially charged fantasies. By categorizing videos by race (think: Ebony, Asian, Latina), and having actors refer to body parts by color (think: black dick, Spanish ass), porn can reduce people to color-coded extremities, spread false ideas of what others find arousing, and reinforce destructive stereotypes.

In this NTRSCTN video, watch people share stories of their racially charged sexual encounters—some awkwardly misguided, and others just downright offensive (then scroll down to read more stories).