In case Disney brainwashed you into thinking wild animals are cuddly creatures looking for an adventure with new friends, here’s a friendly reminder that they’re not.

A wild mountain lion apparently snuck its way into the Los Angeles Zoo and mauled a koala to death. Zookeepers were initially concerned when the herbivore went missing, Mashable reports. Their fears were confirmed when pieces of the creature were found some 400 yards away.

There’s no video proof that P-22, the suspected culprit, committed the offense but he did pop up on surveillance footage from cameras around the area. "The evidence is circumstantial. We don’t have any video of it taking the koala. We can’t say 100%," L.A. Zoo director John Lewis told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

What’s also uncertain is how the mountain lion entered the enclosure which is surrounded by an eight foot wall. Lewis, however, has a pretty good idea of how it may have gone down. "He had to jump down into the enclosure and jump back out with the koala," he added. "It’s a pretty good feat in itself. It was a pretty quick snatch."

 The suspect remains at large because, you know, he’s a wild animal.