More primaries and caucuses are underway today as Hawaii (R), Idaho (R), Michigan (R&D), and Mississippi (R&D) cast their votes. For Super Tuesday last week (for which you can find a breakdown of here) 12 states—and one territory—went to the polls for primaries or caucuses handing wins to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump's win over his opponents was even bigger than his, um, hands. Then came Super Saturday this past weekend, which proved possible Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz is very much still in this thing winning the Kansas primary and the Maine caucus. Likewise Bernie Sanders' political revolution kept on trucking as he won the Maine caucus on Sunday. 

With Ben Carson out of the way tonight's results can make or break John Kasich, who's still holding on, and may dash any last hopes Little Marco Rubio had for a comeback. And of course the results will set the stage for tomorrow's Democratic debate and Thursday's GOP debate both being held in Miami. 

We will post the results as they come in throughout the night and tomorrow, so check back for updates. 

GOP Winner: Donald Trump

GOP Winner: Ted Cruz

GOP Winner: Donald Trump
Dem Winner: Bernie Sanders

GOP Winner: Donald Trump
Dem Winner: Hillary Clinton

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