If you're just settling into a balanced brunch that somehow doesn't include finely cooked pieces of human flesh, then this story's for you and your untainted stomach. Greg Foot, Brit Lab presenter, recently decided to find out just how good (or bad) humans taste by harnessing the power of science to simulate the experience of the typical cannibalistic dining routine. In an admirable move of self-sacrifice, Foot decided to use some of his own flesh instead of relying on that of his contemporaries. 

"That actually smells quite nice," Foot tells the camera, getting a sense of his own flesh's aroma after getting some of his own leg muscle removed. Those samples, which Mashable reports were then cooked and analyzed in the lab, were surprisingly quite a big hit with Foot. "It's really meaty," Foot notes. "It's like a beef and ale stew or something."


Using meats that closely resemble his own, pork and lamb in this unfortunate instance, Foot then whips up a burger to go with that lab magic to get a proper idea of what exactly a person burger might taste like. "You know what?" Foot asks calmly, almost as if he's not eating a simulated person burger. "It's pretty good."

Though it most certainly should go without saying, practically no one on the planet recommends that you or anyone you know engage in the actual preparation of a person burger or anything of the sort. Cannibalism, for reasons pretty fucking clear, is generally frowned upon by modern society.

Enjoy your brunch!