Donald Trump’s presidential campaign reads like a satirical political comedy but this is actually real life. Despite feuding with multiple political leaders (and even Pope Francis ) and refusing to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, he’s showing favorably on Super Tuesday and making giant leaps toward the White House. However, not everyone is against the divisive Republican. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just endorsed him and now Vice President Joe Biden has come out to publicly thank him. Actually, he took a moment to mock the orange-skinned political for his "great" work so far.

"I want to thank Donald Trump. The stuff he’s doing, and others, the stuff Cruz is doing," he said during a Black History Month event in Washington D.C., according to Deadline. "He’s making the American people look in the mirror." If there’s one thing Trump is good at, it’s self-awareness.

He added: "And the American people are honest and they look in the mirror and see what’s looking back at them. If we’re smart, and we’re lucky, I’m convinced that the American people are prepared over the next decade to gradually to deal with institutional racism."

As real world takes baby steps toward progress, Chris Rock forced Hollywood to deal with the issue head on while hosting this year’s Oscars. During his opening monologue, he joked that the industry is "sorority racist," meaning they’re not burning crosses but acting like an exclusive group. It might not be that big in the grand scheme of things but it’s more than what Stacey Dash is currently doing.