There's nothing quite like a video from the past going viral for absolutely no real reason. And this video of a couple of grandmas trying Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey for the first time is no exception.

Originally released in December 2015, the video follows many of the "first time" videos that have been dropping as of late. But rather that featuring a random person touching another random person's genitals, this one takes a pretty odd, but still very sweet and enjoyable approach to a first time experience. 

These women are all pretty badass, and even do a pretty swell job holding it together after sipping some of the whiskey from a shot glass. It's a feat that not many people—of any age—can successfully accomplish. My favorite bit, however, occurs when one of the women says "not bad" after taking a bit of the drink. She has a great poker face and for a moment you really think she's immune to the burn. But then all of a sudden she begins to cough and soon shouts, "It is hot!" Yes, it really is.

So if you want a break from your day to day, or if you're tired of seeing "Damn, Daniel" on loop, this clip will certainly be a pleasant alternative.