Tired of using your hands to pay for things? There’s an app for that. Google is looking out for you with a new bit of a technology that allows you to make in-store purchases without even removing your phone from your bag.

According to Mashable, the tech giant is introducing an app called Hands Free that does exactly what the name says. As the video above demonstrates, users can walk up to the register and tell the cashier they’ll just pay with Google. This game changer is made possible through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location tech that detects the app. However, it only works if you’re in a store set up for Hands Free purchases.

To get on board, you’ll need to enter your credit card information and upload a photo. And if you’re worried about credit card and identity theft, Google assures you that it’s safe to use. Similar to how cashiers check ID on credit card purchases, they’ll verify your identity with the picture attached to the app, as well as ask for your initials.

Don’t expect to it in stores just yet. It’s only available at several locations in the Bay area so far. For now, you’ll have to bear the burden of actually whipping out a physical device or card to spend your money.