At least two gunmen opened fire on a Pennsylvania party Wednesday night, leaving five dead.

WPXI reports that police were called around 11 p.m. responding to shots fired at a residential home in Wilkinsburg. Authorities say at least two shooters, who fled on foot, interrupted what appeared to be a backyard cookout. They believe bullets came from two different angles from two different guns. Lt. Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County homicide unit described it as an ambush-style attack.

Three women and one man were pronounced dead at the scene. Reports say they were all killed in the same area, near the back porch while trying to flee. Another woman died later at the hospital. Three others were carted away in ambulances including two men whom were listed in critical condition and a woman who is listed as stable. Authorities are currently working on identifying the victims.

A witness told Channel 11 News that as she was walking home, she heard 26 shots. Police are currently investigating and no description of the suspects has yet been released. Follow the live TV report here.