Just a few days ago a man filmed several NYPD cops restraining and then putting an emotionally disturbed person into a body bag.

The video, which doesn't explain what prompted the cops to restrain this man or anything about him, shows him being held down, tied by his wrists and ankles, before finally being placed inside a blue bag. Apparently, this is a completely legal way to treat people who may be emotionally volatile.

"[The NYPD] uses the device when an [emotionally disturbed person] is violent and may cause harm to themselves or others," an NYPD spokesperson said yesterday. "The bag is ventilated and they can breathe."

Regardless, onlookers, and the man shooting the video, found the whole thing to be pretty abusive.

Later in the video, he shouts, "This is the craziest s–t I’ve ever seen done to somebody in my whole f–king life. Holy s–t. What do you call that thing? Never in my life have I seen anything like this. What the f–k is wrong with you people? There’s a man in that bag like an animal." 

He also revealed that before being placed into the bag, he saw cops mace him and "knee his face into the ground."

All together, the whole thing does sound rather excessive.