The path to inevitably becoming a millionaire may start as early as 25, meaning your road to the comfort only a milli can bring pretty much starts right now. In their 2016 guide to something called "retirement," J.P. Morgan Asset Management breaks down exactly why 25 is the age to start saving, and why not just any type of saving will do.

Using a handful of hypothetical situations, J.P. Morgan makes note of the crucial difference between those who become millionaires before the final quarter of their life and those who merely suffer endlessly with just hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them warm. According to the financial outcomes of these hypothetical would-be millionaires, collectively cited by Business Insider as a "thought experiment," the crucial component—in addition to starting early—is exponential compounding.

Chloe wisely invested throughout her entire career, earning 6.5 percent for a final portfolio amount of nearly two million dollars. Noah, an obvious non-millionaire, also invested throughout his career but suffered the consequences of low return rates by opening the final chapter of his life to find a measly $652,214. As noted by Insider, the difference here—once again—would appear to come down to compounding as early as possible. Following that course of action, would-be millionaires start seeing the rewards of their investment much earlier in life than their less-savvy counterparts.

As noted in the J.P. guide to the mysterious art of retirement, life expectancy is indeed still on the rise, meaning everyone will need more guap to properly fund their own continuation. Thankfully, we already broke down which so-called "career" is best for stacking said guap. On that note, anyone carry to gift a certain someone with a small million-dollar loan so we can kick this investment party off right?