Anonymous Continues War on Donald Trump by Allegedly Releasing His Social Security Number

Anonymous previously declared war on the leading Republican presidential candidate, hitting his sites with DDoS attacks.

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Following last December's declaration of war against leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by Anonymous, a hacker reportedly connected with the hacktivist collective has leaked Trump's alleged social security number and other private information. On Thursday, a Twitter account reported byBuzzFeed News as "associated with Anonymous" announced part of the latest phase in the ongoing #OpTrump with the bold promise of turning "the fuck up" in their #OpTrump efforts:

"The more the U.S. appears to be targeting Muslims, not just radical Muslims, you can be sure that ISIS will be putting that on their social media campaign. Donald Trump, think think before you speak anything. You have been warned."

Though Trump’s campaign has not publicly commented on this development, several people on Twitter and elsewhere have noted that portions of the information included in this latest release had previously been made available during another operation. A cell phone number and management information, for example, were reportedly published in November of last year. The social security card, though believed to be previously unpublished, has not been officially confirmed as containing Trump’s actual social security number.

"America is not immune to fascism," a Twitter account purportedly associated with Anonymous wrote in December, as quoted by the Daily Dot. "Expect us." That tweet was shared surrounding the release of an unverified video, allegedly linked to Anonymous, in which someone reportedly involved with the hacktivist collective warns Donald Trump about the cost of his xenophobic rhetoric.

Trump currently remains the leading Republican presidential candidate, despite current challengers John Kasich and Ted Cruz recently scoring commendable victories both in the press and at the polls. Just last week, Trump publicly theorized that his supporters would start riots if he didn't secure the GOP nomination. Kasich promptly responded to these remarks, with ABC News reporting he deemed Trump's riot reference "unacceptable language."

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