All that porn you're planning to binge on this Easter is cool and all but are any of those professional sex-havers actually landing a real orgasm? That, concerned viewers, is the premise of the latest installment of Wood Rocket's storied "Ask a Porn Star" series. Considering that many an unfortunate heterosexual man is known to spend his entire existence never even bothering to understand the basic process of orgasming, this video surely qualifies as required viewing.

"I would say most of the time, yes," Veruca James says when posed with the inquiry. "I think that sometimes porn scenes, depending on the style or genre, don't necessarily equate to good sex. Sometimes the director needs very specific types of sex." According to James, the "opportunity" to have an orgasm doesn't always come about due to the production's need to shoot multiple positions in a (sometimes brief) period of time. However, James' work in the gonzo genre has much fewer obstacles: "That's just real, raw fucking."

James' candid response is not alone, as the full Wood Rocket clip is stacked with additional (and equally forthright) revelations regarding the art of the filmed orgasm. But what about the real-life orgasm? Enlightenment-seeking readers should likely consult this Tumblr or even the recently co-signed by Emma Watson subscription service, OMGYES, for tips on ensuring maximum enjoyment.

As for those aforementioned Easter plans, don't sweat the workload. Science is (kinda) on your side.