One of the best ways to love yourself is to avoid keeping company with people who bring you down or drain you of all your energy. So what kind of folks should you stay away from? 

The good people of the social forum Quora took some time to lay out personality types to steer clear of if you want to keep a grip on your mental well-being and generally have a satisfying social life. 

Cut and run from the following people and love yourself:

  1. "People who belittle and make fun of you: Jokes are half-meant. It's a socially acceptable way of saying, 'I want to stab and hurt you; I'm not responsible if you bleed and die.' Some jokes are okay. Some jokes are not. Learn to distinguish jokes that aren't."
  2. "Manipulators: Some people know their ways around manipulating other people and they do it with such ease. These ones are no-go."
  3. "People who have a negative opinion about an entire demographic but tell you you're 'different,' or 'one of the good ones,' so you can be pals.You'll see people who are racist, or sexist, or hate an entire religion or nationality, but then 'make an exception' for the few examples of people they happen to know. These people are ignorant and bigots. Don't be friends with them because they happen to like you."
  4. "Cheaters: If someone has the habit of using trickery and deceiving people with frequency, this will go very bad soon."
  5. "People who try to discourage you and take you away from your goals."

Of course, nobody's perfect and it takes time to learn to be a better friend and person. But if someone is a repeat offender of any of the above, you know what to say to them: