We know that Facebook is a powerful force, but imagine if Facebook likes had the power to determine the next president of the United States. Do you think you would be happy with the results? Do you think this is the future of our electoral system? The answer is a strong no for both of these questions.

Still, FiveThirtyEight created a map that takes a look at what would happen if Facebook likes were used instead of votes to determine the winners of the primaries. And despite its improbability, it's pretty interesting. The map is broken down by county, and looks at who is the most popular candidate in all 50 states. Warning: the answer may shock you. 

Looking at all 50 states, the candidate with the most Facebook likes is Ben Carson, who comes in at 26 percent. After Carson, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump tie at 23 percent. Ted Cruz has 12 percent and in last place is Hillary Clinton, who only got 8 percent of Facebook likes.

Anyway, for the full statistical breakdown you can check out the FiveThirtyEight website.