Whether you're a woman who has crapped her pants from too many gift-box chocolates, or a dude who literally can't be bothered with hand-delivering a present to the woman you're dating, Uber has you covered this Valentine's Day

The ride-sharing app is running another one of its special promotions, and this time you can get panties on-demand anywhere in NYC, from Feb. 12 through Valentine's Day.

Let's just assume that you're cool with some stranger/aspiring actor/server-by-day who will shout into his Bluetooth earpiece phone for 20 minutes while driving past your street three times because his GPS is "not right tonight" handling your girl's underwear. OK, the panties are in a box, but it's still funny to imagine. 

The lingerie is made by Naja (a brand that's party owned by Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin), and pieces will run $20, $65 or $85, with no delivery fee as long as you're in Manhattan, according to AM New York.  We're pretty sure the insane "suck my d**k" guy isn't driving anymore, so you're good there. 

It's not the first time Uber promotions have gotten unusual. They've previously delivered kittens, puppies, lion cubs, ice cream and helicopters, all of which are probably better gifts than panties, by the way.