If all these centuries of humans doing some really stupid shit have taught us anything, it's that sex can actually be really funny. Sometimes you're making it happen inside a small box in the name of television. Sometimes you're simply making it happen while aboard your own private plane. But what about that way overhyped and existentially disconcerting inaugural encounter? Are those stories funny?


That tweeted page turner comes from the team over at @HILMVcard, a Twitter account solely dedicated to sharing the wildest and/or funniest stories about losing one's virginity. Those with a tweetable story can make anonymous submissions by following these simple instructions, per BroBible.

The current batch of V card novellas includes some amazing It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia references and even something about a particularly thoughtful Xmas gift, so compare to your own and then assess your chances of literary success:

In related news, please use protection.

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