Naked Models Teach You Language Lessons For Naked News Channel

A new English language course is taught by naked models.

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A class all about tacos and a language course taught by naked models? 2016 is putting the "lit" in literary. Viewers haven't been able to take their eyes off of the naked news anchor-led Spanish channel Desnudando Las Noticias (Stripping the News) where news anchors deliver the news in the nude. Banking on its crossover success thanks to mainstream recognition the channel has now decided to do naked language lessons for viewers. 

DLN has created "Naked Language" an online course intent to teach viewers English no matter how distracted they may will be by its completely unclothed "teachers." DLN describes "Naked Language" as a: "course [that] promises that the theoretical content will be displayed in a simple and fun way through sexy videos and other content," the Mirrorreports. Sexy is an understatement for the very NSFW class, of which you can see a promo here. The promo for the course previews some of the grammar lessons and pronunciation lessons along with a string of lovely teachers. It also features talking puppets and some dude named "Dick Power." Seriously.  So it's the R-rated Sesame Street for adults.

Viewers who actually plan on learning from the course will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course. 

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