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Wine often initiates a fantastic journey into the deepest recesses of the human mind, a place where few other alcoholic beverages would dare enter. Unlike its more boisterous cousin, beer, a glass of wine sends the message that you're (at the very least) well-versed on the topic of which classic Frasier episodes one should hit up on Netflix. Also, according to new research from Wine Market Council quoted by USA Today, a never-ending glass of red probably means you're not ancient.

In 2015, thirst-strapped Millennials consumed nearly half of all wine in the United States.  159.6 million cases of wine were absorbed by Americans between the ages of 21 and 38, meaning we all averaged about two cases each. To be entirely fair, that estimate seems remarkably conservative for this particular writer.

Thankfully, the nation's new largest wine demographic didn't waste much time drinking Two Buck Chuck. In fact, 17 percent of Millennials spent more than 20 bucks for a bottle of wine in the past month, compared with just 10 percent of other would-be wine champions.

Among so-called "frequent drinkers," considered by researchers to be anyone who consumes more than 3.1 glasses in a single sitting (it me), two-thirds of those under 30 were women. "Wine is winning with women," the report states.

As long as we stop doing stuff like pretending to be wine on Tinder to score matches, then all of this is tremendous news.

Drink up.