There are two reasons why someone might offer a generous donation to an animal shelter, conveniently broken down below:

  • This theoretical donor loves dogs because, quite frankly, dogs are awesome.

  • This theoretical donor loves awesome dogs because, quite frankly, this theoretical donor is also awesome.

For five-year-old Dalton Shaw, pictured above with his dog (and cat)-friendly birthday haul, the reasoning is clearly the latter. "Dalton has an extremely big heart for animals," Dalton's mother, Stephanie, tells KWQC.  "He always points them out along the roadways and out for walks.  He just wants to bring them all home." When Dalton's father shared the photo on Imgur, the undeniably dope story of an animal-loving kid's generosity quickly started findings its way into both regional and national headlines.

After receiving "lots of cool stuff" over the holiday season (including an enviable LEGO set), Dalton decided to rewrite the rules of a birthday party by asking that, in lieu of gifts, everyone simply bring something that could be donated to animal shelters in or near Savanna, Illinois. "The response was overwhelming," Stephanie reveals to the Huffington Post. "I had expected a little bag of treats from people here and there."

This kid gets it.