After watching this video and seeing a photo of the aftermath of said video you're sure to develop a fear of e-cigarettes. There have been cases of e-cigarettes malfunctioning left and right and not in the "they're not working way", but in the they-might-kill-you kind of way. One e-cigarette exploded in this man’s mouth preventing him from eating solid foods for a month after due to the severe first-degree burns and hole in his mouth the explosions caused. There was that case of an e-cigarette exploding in a man's face and putting him in a coma. No lie, an e-cigarette explosion set this man's pants on fire. 

A surveillance camera at a convenience store caught the jaw-dropping footage, Bro Bible reports. The man, later identified as Josh Hamilton, is seen at the store counter when out of nowhere sparks shoot out of his pants and quickly turn into a fire. Hamilton is then seen running out of the store.

Video then shows Hamilton removing his pants in the parking lot before the cashier comes with a fire extinguisher. Hopefully he was wearing underwear that day or that must've been awkward. Then again when your life is flashing before you you probably don't care about people seeing you naked.

Hamilton later posted about the near-death experience on his Facebook explaining that his e-cigarette battery exploded."Third degree burns all up and down my leg. Just had an Ecig battery blow up and catch fire inside my pocket! Ouch ow ow ow," Hamilton wrote along with a photo of his injured leg. Be warned, it's grisly.

You can watch the full video of the incident here.