The Democratic presidential race is in the middle of a defining week. The week began with candidates Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, and Bernie Sanders, and it has now become Clinton vs. Sanders after O'Malley dropped out of the race following Monday's Iowa caucus, which Clinton barely won by 0.3 percent, surprising everyone. Things between the Sanders and Clinton have only become more explosive after Sanders' camp called out Clinton on Twitter for calling herself a "progressive" but also a "moderate" in the past while acting against the "progressive" label. The Clinton camp shot back with their own tweets, like the one below, later answered to by Sanders' camp. 

Sanders was asked again whether or not he thought Clinton was a progressive at tonight's CNN Democratic Town Hall. Sanders, who has time and time again said he refuses to bad mouth opponents, repeated his sentiment but did state reasons why Clinton wasn't a progressive. He said, "I do not know any progressive that takes $25 million from Wall Street" in addition to reminding voters that unlike progressives she voted in favor of the Iraq War. 

Clinton was of course asked about the remarks during her time at the town hall. "I was amused that Sanders has set himself up as the gate keeper on who's a progressive…" Clinton said, adding that by Sanders definition Barack Obama and Joe Biden, among others, wouldn’t be progressives. Clinton said they shouldn’t be worrying about what makes a progressive and should focus on the issues saying,  "I know where I stand."

Expect things to pop off as the two face-off in a debate tomorrow night (and for once not on a weekend) in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.