Punxsutawney Phil, easily the most famous groundhog on the planet, either delivered some really great news or some profoundly awful news, depending on who exactly you're asking. Early Tuesday morning, conditions in Pennsylvania aligned so that our famous groundhog was unable to see his own shadow upon emerging from his lair, USA Today reports. As the tradition goes, a lack of shadow brings about an early spring instead of six more frigid weeks of wintry nightmares.

However, since the ancient year known to some as 1988, our guy Phil has actually only been right a whopping 13 times. On a more victorious note, dude has been absolutely wrong a total of 15 times during the same period. Prediction discrepancies aside, the legacy of Punxsutawney Phil is at least partially responsible for the existence of confirmed classic Groundhog Day, so he's already earned his fame:

Thanks for all the inspiration, Phil.