Hero citizens come from all places, even in the least likely ones. Take the story of two Australian bros out drinking who stopped a robbery they accidentally came across or a hero mom who dragged a thief out of her car before he could drive away with her children in the backseat. This hero in Indiana also managed to stop a robbery but by wielding the power of one coffee cup.

Muncie, Id.’s Marathon Gas Station received one unwelcome visitor Sunday morning according to the Muncie Police Department. Marathon’s surveillance cameras showed one man walking into the store at approximately 6:00 a.m. and raising his gun. The gunman is immediately spotted by a gas station clerk, not seen on camera, who then forces him to literally wake up and smell the coffee when he launches a hot cup of brew straight at the gunman’s face. Surveillance shows the gunman and would-be robber holding his face and running out of the store. 

FOX59 spoke to the Marathon Gas Station manager who said the hero clerk was pouring himself a cup and turned around to see the robber. The manager also said the clerk was a 30-something-year-old who had been finishing an overnight shift. Marathon customer Mark McFalls told Fox59 the clerk was “real friendly” and lucky the gunman didn’t react to the coffee throw by shooting him.