Have you found yourself out in North East London recently, desperate for something to eat at like 2am? We hope to god you didn’t end up in this place. Tasty Chicken ‘n’ Pizza in Walthamstow has been shut down by Waltham Forrest Council after health inspectors found human excrement smeared on the walls. Yeah.

The conditions in the restaurant were so bad it was instantly closed by the inspectors, and the owners were in hot water (ironically, because they don’t appear to have used any hot water to ever clean the place). Some of the most stomach-churning things the inspectors fond were:

  • Knife holders covered in think, dirty grease
  • Raw chicken juices dripping off surfaces and into other foods
  • Rodents eating discarded crisps, and their faeces in the food prep area
  • Absolutely no soap was found on the premises

Local councillor Clyde Loakes commented on the filth, saying: “This is certainly the worst I’ve seen in years and years. We have had closed it down and there are some serious conversations to be had with the proprietors - it really is pretty disgusting. How on Earth does anyone think they should serve food in these conditions? They are simply in the wrong business.”

[via Huffington Post]