UPDATE (2/11/16): FBI arrested Cliven Bundy at Portland International Airport and he was booked into Multnomah County Jail at 10:54 p.m. PST. He faces several charges including conspiracy to interfere with federal officers.  Per the Oregonian, his arrest was in connection to a separate standoff with federal officers at his ranch in Nevada in 2014. The four remaining militants at the Malheur wildlife refuge say they will turn themselves in on Thursday morning.

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UPDATE (2/11/16): The militants have announced that they will turn themselves in at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning, and Congresswoman Michele Fiore agreed to meet them at a checkpoint. However, occupier Sean Anderson insists this is not a surrender and that it goes against what they believe in.

"We are not surrendering, we’re turning ourselves in...It goes against everything we believe in but we’re going to do it. We’re going to walk one after another, with the flag, and we’re going to turn ourselves in," he said.

According to the Guardian, FBI has also not confirmed such terms so it remains unclear how this will all go down.

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UPDATE (2/10/16): After one of the remaining occupiers drove an ATV outside of the encampment, FBI tried to engage the driver who immediately fled back to camp. FBI agents then moved in and have now surrounded the area. Not shots have been fired.

See the official FBI statement below:

"It has never been the FBI’s desire to engage these armed occupiers in any way other than through dialogue, and to that end, the FBI has negotiated with patience and restraint in an effort to resolve the situation peacefully. However, we reached a point where it became necessary to take action in a way that best ensured the safety of those on the refuge, the law enforcement officers who are on scene, and the people of Harney County who live and work in this area," Greg Bretzing, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon said.

"We reached a point where it became necessary to take action in a way that best ensured the safety of those on the refuge" - SAC Bretzing

— FBI Portland (@FBIPortland) February 11, 2016

You can listen live, here.

See original story from 2/10/16 below.

One month after occupying the Malheur wildlife refuge and two weeks after their leader Ammon Bundy was taken into custody, it looks like the Oregon militia’s standoff might finally be coming to an end. The Guardian reports that the FBI has surrounded the refuge, where four armed supporters remain.

Sean Anderson, one of the occupiers, says they will surrender on Thursday only if Congresswoman Michele Fiore (gun enthusiast and supporter of their cause) and Christian evangelist Franklin Graham will accompany them. FBI has been trying to negotiate but they have yet to come to an agreement as more vehicles approach the area. "If they won’t give us one more day...we’re just going to stay here and f**king die," added Anderson.

Cliven Bundy, militia supporter and eldest member of the Bundy family, is said to be on his way. "I hope I save some lives, for one thing," he told reporters.

 This story is still developing.