If the trippy television show Zoo has taught us anything, it’s that one day the animal kingdom will turn on the humans and kill us all. Rumblings of a revolt have already begun with this adorable crap defending itself with a kitchen knife.

However, that devastating time has not yet come to pass so we are able to enjoy these amusing videos of animals gone wild with the knowledge that we’re still the dominant creatures on this planet. For now.

The latest instance of a kooky animal running amok comes from China, where a runaway elephant decided to smash 15 parked cars for the fun of it. According to Mashable, the male’s name is Zhushunya and he escaped from the "Ye Xiang Gu" (Wild Elephant Valley) nature reserve in the Xishuangbanna.

Staff members say he was erratic and destructive because he was super horny and had to get those feelings out. Basically, it’s the way a usually calm Spock would act were he to enter pon farr. It didn't help that he lost his girl to another male elephant, AP reports

The sexually-frustrated rage fest went on for about 20 minutes before he wandered back onto the reserve for food. Sounds like your typical, red-blooded American male to me.