For three preposterous hours on Sunday, two rival gas stations in northwest Ohio were deeply embroiled in a seemingly impossible price war that resulted in drivers scoring full tanks of the notorious death juice for mere pennies. An apparent computer glitch set prices at a Toledo station to ludicrously low amounts, the Associated Press reports, prompting a nearby station to do the same.

One customer, who hopefully used the money he saved to move out of Ohio, told WTOL he was miraculously able to fill up an empty tank for an amazing 26 cents. "I've never seen anything like this," an alleged operator of motor vehicles said. "It's wonderful." Adding that the brief moment of financial justice was "too funny," the customer said he also made a point to document the brief uprising on Facebook. "I don't know how long it'll last," the fortunate happenstance beneficiary admitted, "but hopefully long enough for people to fill up their gas tanks for cheap."

Though no truly essential footage of this glitch-initiated gas price revolution exists, the following dramatic reenactment does a fine job of painting this truly profound portrait of American consumerism finally embracing its potential:

Truly inspiring. Thank you, glitch gods.

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