As more and more people become woke to the "vape life" Oxford's 2014 word of the year is popping up everywhere. Most famously Leonardo DiCaprio has been the poster boy for the lifestyle, even getting dragged by the American Lung Association after vaping his way through the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Of course, he's not the only celebrity who vapes. Vaping has now invaded the U.S. congress as one politico did inhale, and in front of his colleagues too. 

Duncan Hunter, U.S. representative from California, appeared in a congressional meeting today with the Transport Committee to discuss a proposed ban for vaping on a plane. A vaper himself, Hunter spoke out in opposition to the ban opening his remarks with the coolest intro ever. Pulling out a vaporizer Hunter is caught on video inhaling, blowing out smoke, and then introducing the tool: "This is called a vaporizer." A legislator next to him, who clearly can't hang, is seen waving away the smoke. Hunter then argues how people are smoking less thanks to an increased use of vaporizers. "This has helped thousands of people quit smoking. It has helped me quit smoking, and in the next decade or so you're going to be able to inhale your ibuprofen," said Hunter. "You're going to be able to inhale your Prozac and anything else you need drug wise you’re going to be able to inhale." 

"This is the future," Hunter says raising the vaporizer closer to the heavens. If Hunter can pave the way for other vapers to come out of the shadows and vape in congress then why can't DiCaprio be allowed to vape at the Academy Awards. Let Leo vape, bruh.