Some people's prison situations are worse than others. While El Chapo may be complaining about lack of sleep turning him into a "zombie" others are doing over 30 years in prison just for "liking" something on Facebook, or are being dismembered and thrown into the prison's sewage system, as a couple of Colombian jails have discovered.  

Straight out of a horror movie the news was reported by Reuters today. Body parts belonging to at least 100 people were discovered in the "drain pipes" at a prison called La Modelo in Colombia's capital: Bogota. Dismembered bodies were also reportedly found elsewhere in other jails in the Colombian cities of Popayan, Bucaramanga, and Barranquilla, said Caterina Heyck, an investigator on the case for the attorney general's office.

"The number of victims is unknown, but we know it's over 100 and could be considerably higher," Heyck told reporters in Bogota. She added that the dismembered body parts were, "Remains of prisoners, visitors and others were thrown in the drainage system." 

Heyck has been assigned to investigate happenings at La Modelo, which is said to be one of the largest and most overpopulated. CNN reports officials said the dismemberings may have taken place between 1999 and 2001, maybe even after that. 

CNN cites Heyck as saying, "Towards the end of last year we began investigating the possible disappearance and dismemberment of an undetermined number of people at La Modelo prison in Bogota."